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Not Everyone Can Be Helped

As a general rule, you shouldn’t become attached to the people you are trying to help. Sometimes, it is difficult not to. You tend to take a vested interest in someone because you see the situation they are living in, and know they deserve better. This is how I felt about three siblings, who I will call A, B and C. These siblings lived near Human and Hope Association and we would see them collecting trash on a daily basis. Aged between four and thirteen, the two brothers and sisters were  ...

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Celebrating Five Years of a Life-Changing Sewing Program

From my initial days at Human and Hope Association, I had always planned to get a sewing program up and running. I knew that English classes weren’t for everyone, and for those villagers who were over eighteen and hadn’t finished school, sewing was the perfect skill. The great thing about sewing was that it was a skill that both men and women in Cambodia worked in. When driving through town, you would often see tailor shops with males sewing front and centre. There were no gender  ...

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Ghosts in Cambodia Part Two

There is a belief in Cambodia that when a person dies, they wander around the village as a spirit until the proper rituals have taken place. If the proper rituals are not performed, the deceased will not be able to move onto their next life. When a person dies, the family brings the body home and washes, dresses and places it into a coffin. Dissection or removal of the organs is a big no-no, as this would affect the rebirth of the deceased person. From the very first day of the person  ...

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Let’s Talk about Sex (in Cambodia)

I once asked my former workmate how he managed to have sex with his wife when they only had one bed which his young son also slept on. “When my son falls asleep at night, I carefully push him to the end of the bed, then I have sex with my wife,” he answered, making me wish I had never asked the question. I also asked this friend if he slept with prostitutes. He darted his eyes from side to side, bowed his head, and answered yes. I asked him why. He told me it was out of respect for his  ...

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