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Providing education to the children of Cambodia

When we recruited students for a second daily preschool class at Human and Hope Association in October 2013, *Srey (not her real name for child protection purposes, so I am using Srey as it means ‘girl’ in Khmer) was one of three students we recruited. Our Education Coordinator had struggled to find students, so Srey studied in the class with just one other girl for an hour a day. Seeing that these two girls were lonely, as they only had each other to play with, our Education Coordinator  ...

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We aren’t all the same

“These handicrafts are all made in Cambodia, and the proceeds provide education to children,” I said with a smile on my face to the lady who approached our market stall. She smiled at me, and with an air of pretentiousness, her hands gesturing all over the place. “I have just been to Cambodia. I travelled through the Mekong. I know all about the schools. I visited them and listened to the children sing. I went out to the villages. I know all about this.” I faked a  ...

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We have come to play games with the children

My journey to empowerment and sustainability started as me being a voluntourist. I honestly thought that I was helping. Looking back though, I realise that I didn’t bring any benefit to the organisation. What those children from vulnerable backgrounds needed was consistency in their lives. My one month of sub-standard, often hungover teaching didn’t give them that. And you know what? There are some people who go to organisations and do the same thing I did for as little as one hour. They  ...

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Cambodia’s Fake Orphanages

Although you may think you are ‘giving back’ by volunteering or visiting an orphanage, you are actually contributing to the rise in Cambodia’s fake orphanages. During my five years living in Siem Reap, I witnessed an alarming increase in the rise of Cambodia’s fake orphanages. Many orphanages are set up as a profit-making business, and do not contribute to the development of local communities at all. There are reports around the country of children not having enough  ...

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