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Providing education to the children of Cambodia

When we recruited students for a second daily preschool class at Human and Hope Association in October 2013, *Srey (not her real name for child protection purposes, so I am using Srey as it means ‘girl’ in Khmer) was one of three students we recruited. Our Education Coordinator had struggled to find students, so Srey studied in the class with just one other girl for an hour a day. Seeing that these two girls were lonely, as they only had each other to play with, our Education Coordinator  ...

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Cambodia, Empowerment, Human and Hope Association, Women

Is your husband being nice to you?

“Is your husband being nice to you?” “Yes, better than before. But he is jealous of me nowadays.” “Why is he jealous? Because you are earning more money than him?” “Because I went away for two days with the staff. The villagers mocked him as he had to look after the children instead of his wife.” “Don’t ever let what he says make you feel bad. Just remember how far you have come in your life, and be proud of yourself!”  ...

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Developing countries, Development, Empowerment, Human and Hope Association, Poverty, Women

After years of trying, we have been successful

Last month a sewing graduation was held at Human and Hope Association. This wasn’t your run of the mill sewing graduation, however. It was the very first time that we had retained ALL the students from the beginning to the end of the 10-month program. Six students from start to finish. Not only this, it was the first time a male student had stayed for the entire program. Established in 2013, the sewing program at Human and Hope Association in Siem Reap, Cambodia, aimed to address the  ...

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Child Protection, Developing countries, Development, Education, Empowerment, Human and Hope Association, Poverty

Changing lives through preschool education in Cambodia

Last month, ten students graduated from the preschool class at Human and Hope Association. When I first met these students in October last year, none of them had ever brushed their teeth. Some were quite naughty. Others cried and didn’t want to come to class. Nowadays, however, they come to class early and wait outside the classroom while doing their homework. They not only brush their teeth at school, they also do so at home. They wear shoes to school. They listen to their teacher.  ...

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