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A Handmade and Ethical Christmas

In early November, I had already finished my Christmas shopping. For someone who has not celebrated Christmas for six years, this is quite an achievement. Even more so was that everything I purchased was both handmade and ethically made. This, of course, does not mean I had to spend a bucketful to end up with quality and purposeful presents.   Wild Mountain Child – Presents for Curious Children This online business based in the Blue Mountains focuses on great unique products for  ...

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Ethical Christmas Guide 2017

Can you believe it? Christmas is almost here again. This year, my first Christmas living back in Australia, I am determined to only provide ethically-made Christmas gifts, and not go overboard with the quantity, either. What’s even better is that all of these gifts are available through Hope Handicrafts, so you can stock up at once and save on shipping! During the month of November, you can use the code ‘NOVSALE’ at checkout to receive 20% off your entire basket. Shopping  ...

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Shopping ethically this Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us. Every year, people around the world spend billions of dollars on gifts, many of which are not made ethically. This year, instead of frantically purchasing a myriad of presents, how about carefully selecting a few instead? You can limit waste AND ensure that your dollars are making a positive impact at the same time. My top pick of ethically-produced Christmas gifts for 2016 are: An elephant from Hope Handicrafts A perfect gift for teaching children about caring  ...

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