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“We can’t wait to go back to take toys for the children.”

“Thank you for your work! We were in Cambodia and can’t wait to go back to take toys for the children,” the Instagram comment read.  At first glance, this may seem like a sweet comment and gesture. However for me, my heart started racing, alarm bells went off in my head, and I immediately texted a friend to complain about this group of people who are finding impoverished children in developing countries and giving them toys, “no strings attached.” According to  ...

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So you want to volunteer to teach in a developing country

It is great that you have the urge to help, but before you jump online and book your flights, stop and ask yourself the following questions. Am I qualified? Firstly, are you a qualified teacher? Many people who visit Cambodia to ‘teach’ are unqualified teenagers or young adults who are still learning themselves. Would you want your child to learn from someone who wasn’t qualified to teach; who didn’t possess the necessary skills to control a class; who may be so  ...

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Boundaries in fundraising

There has been some debate recently over an NGO in Cambodia who used photos of children in their end of financial year campaign. The goal was to raise funds to provide marginalised children with vocational training opportunities at $500 a child. The organisation used individual photos of dishevelled looking children and captioned the photos ‘Teach a sex worker to sew’, ‘teach a trafficked kid a trade’ and ‘teach a homeless teen to cook’. I was outraged when I saw this, as it was clearly a  ...

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Photographing Children

Yesterday I came across a blog titled ‘Hannah vs. The Street Kids’, about a lady who wouldn’t buy from the child street sellers (very good), but played a game of ‘paper, rock, scissors’ to determine whether she would or wouldn’t This whole encounter was filmed, titled and placed on YouTube. It also featured the name of the child seller. This was my feedback on the blog (which is still waiting approval as of 10:33am Cambodian time, 22nd March): It really  ...

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