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Is it cultural?

Something I struggled with during my time in Cambodia was identifying whether to accept a situation as cultural, or challenging it. Although I wanted to ensure I was acting in a respectful way, there were some things I didn’t know whether to let slide. Take, for example, the day I went out into the village surrounding HHA in 2013. I had headed out with two of my workmates so I could take photos of their community outreach. It was while we were at the house of a girl who was about to start  ...

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Hope Handicrafts

I am SUPER excited with the progress we are making with Hope Handicrafts. As those of you who know me and read my blog would be aware, I set up the sewing program at Human and Hope Association in April 2013, with two aims: to empower Cambodians to move out of poverty with a skill, and to develop a sustainable source of income for the organisation. We are called Hope Handicrafts because when you make a purchase you are providing hope. Hope to the women in Cambodia who make the handicrafts,  ...

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Elephants for Education

For every elephant you purchase you provide education to a Cambodian child. Help us break the cycle of poverty with knowledge. I am SUPER excited about this new crowdfunding campaign for Human and Hope Association that launched today. In order to fund our education programs for 2017, we are asking you to purchase an elephant for education. These elephants are made by graduated sewing students from Human and Hope Association, who make them for a fair wage at their homes. By purchasing an  ...

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I had a dream, and it came true

Back in 2012 I had a dream. A dream to initiate a sewing program at Human and Hope Association so we could provide unskilled villagers with the means to move out of poverty. In April 2013 that dream came true. By asking people to donate funds for my birthday, we were able to set up morning and afternoon classes targeted at the most impoverished people in our community. It didn’t go according to plan, of course. It rarely does when working with people who are in such financially  ...

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