Singapore is an expensive city, however it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Earlier this year when we stopped off at Singapore during our move back to Australia, we had three days and only $400SGD for our food, drinks, transport, shopping and attractions. Determined that this wouldn’t spoilt our fun, Seyla and I embarked on a day trip to Sentosa Island, and managed to visit only free attractions.

Our treat for the day was buying a cable car pass that allowed us to stop up at Mount Faber to look around, and then head straight to Sentosa. We also ‘splurged’ on a rather reasonably priced beach lunch at Coastes, which had quick service, delicious food and a great atmosphere. All together, our cable car passes and lunch cost around $100SGD, with the other attractions we visited not costing a cent. This is how we did it.

Siloso Beach

Upon arriving at Sentosa, and expressing our disappointment that the free Cable Car Museum was closed for good, despite appearing on the official Sentosa website, we walked around and took a look at the exterior of Madame Tussads and the Merlion. We then hopped on the cable car at Imbiah Station and headed directly to Siloso Point Station.

Once we arrived, we visited Siloso Beach, which at the time of visit was tranquil and clean. It definitely felt good to have my feet in the wet sand after having lived in Cambodia for so long! Visiting Siloso Beach is free, and you can take your towel and book and make a relaxed morning of it. I definitely wasn’t expecting to feel so relaxed on Sentosa Island, but at Siloso Beach I certainly was at peace.

Fort Siloso Sky Walk 

After saying a sad goodbye to Siloso Beach, we headed to the Fort Siloso Sky Walk. To get to the top of the Sky Walk, we caught an elevator up, which offers a great view in itself. Then it was a short walk amongst the trees, with amazing views of the city on one side and the water on the other side. At the end of the walk is Fort Siloso, which was built to defend Singapore against an invasion by sea from the south. Now a museum, Fort Siloso displays its history and guns.

Although some people might not think of the Sky Walk and Fort as exciting attractions, I was happy to learn the history and find another peaceful section of Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Nature Discovery + Walk

After lunch, we hopped on a free bus and made our way back to the entrance. We then headed to the Sentosa Nature Discovery, which has a gallery of interactive exhibits related to nature. We continued along to the nature walk, and being the only ones on the tracks, we felt like we were hours away from civilisation. The route we chose took around 45 minutes in total, and we were quite tired and ready to leave the island by the end. The nature walk is relatively safe, though I would suggest you ensure you are armed with plenty of water, as it is very humid!

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