In early November, I had already finished my Christmas shopping. For someone who has not celebrated Christmas for six years, this is quite an achievement. Even more so was that everything I purchased was both handmade and ethically made. This, of course, does not mean I had to spend a bucketful to end up with quality and purposeful presents.


Photo: Wild Mountain Child Instagram

Wild Mountain Child – Presents for Curious Children

This online business based in the Blue Mountains focuses on great unique products for kids that are handmade,  fair trade, eco-friendly and organic! Even better, Wild Mountain Child donates 50 cents from every online order to Human and Hope Association!

Favourites: Wooden Dinosaur Play Set for $39.95 and Sensory Rice Natural Play Kit for $34.00



Photo: Alexandria Main Instagram

Alexandria Main – Presents for the Constant Traveller

Alexandria Main provides an authentic luxury experience. The founder, Roxane Horton, has a personal relationship with all the producers so she knows that they are being made ethically, with the makers being treated well. Their beach bags, robes and pyjamas are luxurious items for people who love to be stylish whilst travelling.

Favourites: Malibu Orange Silk/Cotton Pyjama Set for $99.00 and Sunshine Eeelskin Print Beach Clutch for $39.00



Photo: Temples and Markets Instagram

Temples and Markets – Presents for the South East Asia Lovers

Temples and Markets is a curated store featuring home decor, jewellery and fashion accessories from South East Asia. Temples and Markets has been curated by Judith Treanor and is the result of her many years of travel in South East Asia.

Everything in this store has been ethically produced by artisans in South East Asia, so you can be sure you are having a positive impact on communities.

Favourites: Ruth Pearl Bracelet for $65.00 and Resin Sitting Buddha for $45.00



Photo: Arms of Eve Instagram

Arms of Eve – Presents for an Everlasting Summer

Arms of Eve offers a range of handmade hats, bags, scarves, jewellery and sandals that are ethically handcrafted. Arms of Eve strive to work with Fair Trade Organisations that uplift economically challenged communities and employ artisans, providing them with a livelihood. You can often find them at Paddington Markets and Grounds of Alexandria Markets.

Favourites: Luna Round Woven Bag for $89.00 and Solstice Sun Visor for $40.00



Photo: Pintu

Pintu – Presents for Natural Beauty Lovers

Pintu is passionate about making natural products that are free of questionable harmful ingredients. Their soap bars are handmade in Bali, and contribute to the livlihood of a group of women. Added to this, their range includes coconut moisturisers, scrubs, serums and hair rinses.

You will often find Pintu at Bondi Markets, Kirribilli General Markets and the Grounds of Alexandria Markets.

Favourites: Winter Moisturiser for $25.00 and 8 x Coconut Soap for $36.00



Photo: Pawlicious Bites

Pawlicious Bites – Presents for the Perfect Pooch

How can we forget our furry friends? Pawlicious Bites is a family-run business that makes their treats with dog-friendly ingredients including wholemeal flour, locally fresh produces, organic peanut butter and honey, unsweetened carob and yoghurt. There are no preservatives, chemicals, or added sugar and salt. A great way to treat your best friend!

Favourites: Cake Pops for $5.99 and Hot Dogs for $9.99


Photo: Hope Handicrafts

Hope Handicrafts – Presents for those who are Passionate about Education

These handicrafts are made by Cambodian women who have studied in the 10-month sewing program at Human and Hope Association in Siem Reap, Cambodia. They make these handicrafts at their homes, enabling them to watch over their children at the same time. All the seamstresses earn a fair wage, receive constant development opportunities from Human and Hope Association, and take out interest-free microfinance loans to purchase sewing machines.

Favourites: Minions Gift Pack for $12.99 and Clutch for $19.99