A Story of Compassion

It’s a shame that I don’t post on my blog frequently, as I miss opportunities to talk about how kind, compassionate and thoughtful my workmates are. So, given I have a free few minutes on my hand, I thought I would talk about something which happened on New Year’s Day last Monday.

Four of my workmates had met me near my house so we could ride to Angkor Wat together, and celebrate Khmer New Year at 8:07am. Along the way we stopped to get some fried food (none for me, I am being good) then continued riding. After we had stopped at the checkpoint, we realised we would have to ride faster to get to Angkor Wat by our deadline. However, along the way, two ladies on a motorbike with a small trailer filled with drinks, were on the side of the road, having gotten a flat tire on the trailer. Whilst many many people drove past without stopping to help, one of my workmates rode over and stopped to help, followed by my other workmates (I just watched as I am useless in situations like these; I can’t repair a flat tire, nor can I carry heavy items at risk of injuring my back again).

After unsuccessfully trying to fix the fire, my workmates started pulling the countless kilos of drinks out of the trailer, leaving it on the side of the road while one lady drove off to get the tire fixed. I was ready to go, however a workmate thoughtfully pointed out that the ladies would need help putting the drinks back in the trailer once the tire was fixed. So, we waited.

Eventually, the lady came back, her tire fixed, and the guys loaded the drinks back into the trailer. The ladies, very thankful, drove off, whilst we continued our journey to Angkor Wat. Even though we rode very fast, we didn’t get there in time, however it was a fantastic way to start the New Year; knowing how incredibly compassionate my workmates are. I am very lucky to know them.

Happy New Year.