The gym that my boyfriend and I attend is closing for renovations, so we just received a partial refund on our membership fees. Yesterday we went shopping for new bicycles with some of that money and went for a sunset bike ride in the evening. It felt really good, but it reminded me of my previous bicycles.

Have you ever been in a situation where you have upgraded a possession of yours, only to realise that the old possession was in fact much better and you should have appreciated it more? That happened to me once. It was my second bike in Cambodia. It was a small mountain bike with an orange seat that I bought second-hand for about 50 bucks. It worked perfectly and I rarely had any issues with it, with it even surviving multiple falls, since I am accident-prone after all.

But then came the day I started craving something bigger and better. A Giant bicycle.

I bought the Giant bicycle for $150 from a friend who was leaving the country. I thought I had it all. Some of my students at the time pimped it up, and I rode around town with a great sense of pride. That feeling didn’t last too long.

The bike started to break down on a constant basis. A wheel here, a chain there. After just six months I had spent more than $250 in repairs. Keep in mine I wasn’t earning any money at that time.

I finally made the decision to let that bike go. It was costing me a lot more money and time that my simple $50 bike, and I just couldn’t afford it anymore. I realised that I had made a mistake, one I couldn’t get back as I had long ago sold my old bicycle. It made me realise that in life we are frequently looking to ‘upgrade’, whether that be our TV’s, our jobs, or our bicycles. Why can’t we be happy and realise that what is in front of us might just be good enough, before we regret our decision?