The big day finally came

After months of fundraising, planning, building and organising, we finally moved into our permanent location for Human and Hope Association. My speech is below. Sai yon suasidy. Ne an kynom chmous Sally, hai kynom chea neayou protebat noe Samakom Monous

A Story of Compassion

It’s a shame that I don’t post on my blog frequently, as I miss opportunities to talk about how kind, compassionate and thoughtful my workmates are. So, given I have a free few minutes on my hand, I thought I

NOT Tourist Attractions

Yesterday three staff members and myself partook in a photography workshop, so we could learn the basic rules of photography and know how to make basic flyers when the guys want a new project/funding. After heading to the village to

Tis’ the Season?

A Facebook invitation (which I will not link to, as I do not wish to name and shame), was recently brought to my attention. It stated: “In collaboration with ********* and ******** in Cambodia, we bring you the opportunity to

My advice for Rotaract Clubs

  This is a blog I have been meaning to write for over a year, however I have been procrastinating, as it is such an important topic I wish to get right. Basically, as the title says, I want to

I Have a Dream

Last week I was walking to the office when I stopped to say hello to a student. She was sitting with a friend, and they were talking to Teacher Samen. The students friend said to me in clear English, “Excuse

A Tribute to my Grandmother

My Grandmother passed away this afternoon. I received the news via a Facebook message from my Dad. I then heard it again through a What’s App message through my cousin. I heard it a third time from my Uncle through


My Grandmother is at deaths door, and I am struggling being away from my family. She has lived almost 84 years, escaped Burma during WWII, married and had children in India, overcome several miscarriages, immigrated with my family to Australia,

Things I Have Learnt In Cambodia

Even if you live here, you will never be treated like a local. It will always be ‘Barang price for you’.   Always have your laptop charging. When the electricity cuts out, you will want a fully charged laptop as