sally hetherington



My Grandmother is at deaths door, and I am struggling being away from my family. She has lived almost 84 years, escaped Burma during WWII, married and had children in India, overcome several miscarriages, immigrated with my family to Australia, divorced my Grandfather, lived alone for many years and is currently battling Dementia. I have come to terms with the fact that it is her time, and she will go peacefully, it is just hard being away from my close-knit family and not being able to  ...

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Things I Have Learnt In Cambodia

Even if you live here, you will never be treated like a local. It will always be ‘Barang price for you’.   Always have your laptop charging. When the electricity cuts out, you will want a fully charged laptop as you never know when that b!tch is coming back on.   Geckos  ...

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