A Q & A with Thai San of Human and Hope Association

Many community members in Human and Hope Association’s target communes in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia have lost their jobs. They either worked in the tourism industry, or their jobs were indirectly related to the tourism industry, which has become non-existent

How we portray people in fundraising matters

This week I have spent some time reflecting on how people who receive support from charities are portrayed in their communications. Back in 2014, one of Human and Hope Association’s Microfinance borrowers was angry because we had shared a photo

Why orphanages shouldn’t exist

There are approximately 400 residential care institutions in Cambodia, housing over 40,000 children. Despite what you would rightly assume about the children in these institutions being orphans, approximately 80% of them have at least one living parent. Although the number of

Keep Cambodian knitters employed

Things have changed quickly. Oh so quickly. Australia’s borders are closed. At least a million Australians are out of a job. Those people who can are working from home. People are dying. It’s a tough time for all. The silver

We need your help immediately.

The world is currently experiencing uncertainty, fear and social isolation. We want you to know that we are all in this together. At Human and Hope, we are trying to navigate the need to protect our health and wellbeing and