An update on Human and Hope Cambodia

To our community of supporters, I am writing to update you on the impact of the COVID-19 on our project partner, Human and Hope Association Cambodia. In order to stop the spread of the COVID-19, Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth

“Everything we touched, we killed.”

I was recently made aware of the existence of an incredible man, Ernesto Sirolli. How I didn’t know about him before is a mystery, as he holds very similar values to mine. “We western people are imperialist, colonialist missionaries, and there

2019 – A year in review

I’ll be honest – I don’t tend to take the time out to reflect on achievements. I suppose many of us don’t, as our lives are usually go, go go. However with such a huge year wrapping up, I decided

Resources on voluntourism

Voluntourism (short-term volunteering overseas), at first glance, is a wonderful thing. But when we delve further, things aren’t as they seem. If you want to know more about the unintended consequences of voluntourism, and why it isn’t the best way