It has been six weeks since we moved into our new building, and a lot has been happening! We were able to install wooden blinds in our classrooms thanks to the kind donation of a Rotarian who heard me speak at the Multi-District conference in November. Thai and Chhalin built a kitchen from mostly leftover building materials, so our Sustainability Assistant has a safe place to cook our lunch every day. We have sold morning glory to villagers for them to then onsell at the local markets. We have been able to provide our sewing students with vegetables from our garden as part of their daily stipend, which has reduced our costs of the sewing program. We have been using vegetables grown in our garden for our daily lunches (which are soon delicious), along with fish from our pond. Our lotus flowers are thriving and soon we will be able to use them for snacks in art class. We have also started planting flowers which will then be sold to villagers.

Not only this, but our new location is a very safe, secure and fun place for our students and staff to be. Things couldn’t be going better!

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