What I wish I knew when I was 25

In September 2011, I packed up my bags and bought a one-way ticket to Cambodia. I was determined to ‘make a difference’. My intentions for moving there were good, but as I soon realised, good intentions aren’t good enough. I

A Confession + Apology

I have been meaning to confess to my mistake for awhile, however it was reading this article about the ‘Afghan Girl’ that prompted me to prioritise my apology. Let me take you back to late 2011. I had been living in

The Silver Lining of COVID-19

We have to look at the silver linings, don’t we? I was naive when COVID-19 hit. I assumed it would be a short-term problem; that it would be over in a few months and we could all continue as normal.

A Q & A with Thai San of Human and Hope Association

Many community members in Human and Hope Association’s target communes in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia have lost their jobs. They either worked in the tourism industry, or their jobs were indirectly related to the tourism industry, which has become non-existent

How we portray people in fundraising matters

This week I have spent some time reflecting on how people who receive support from charities are portrayed in their communications. Back in 2014, one of Human and Hope Association’s Microfinance borrowers was angry because we had shared a photo