How we portray people in fundraising matters

This week I have spent some time reflecting on how people who receive support from charities are portrayed in their communications. Back in 2014, one of Human and Hope Association’s Microfinance borrowers was angry because we had shared a photo

The Woman Who Gives Me Hope

SOPHY’S STORY IS ONE that breaks my heart. It is also the one that gives me the most hope. I first met Sophy in early 2015. We had hired a Sustainability Assistant when we moved to our new community centre,

After almost four years, it is time.

Human and Hope is a grassroots organisation in Siem Reap. Through education, vocational training and community support, we aim to empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves and break the cycle of poverty.  The time has come. Today I

Boundaries in fundraising

There has been some debate recently over an NGO in Cambodia who used photos of children in their end of financial year campaign. The goal was to raise funds to provide marginalised children with vocational training opportunities at $500 a

Poverty Tourism

I will be the first to admit, I used to be a guilty party to poverty tourism. Well, not going on tours of slums/economically disadvantaged areas, but taking photos of kids in Myanmar I gave bottles to so they would

NOT Tourist Attractions

Yesterday three staff members and myself partook in a photography workshop, so we could learn the basic rules of photography and know how to make basic flyers when the guys want a new project/funding. After heading to the village to

Tis’ the Season?

A Facebook invitation (which I will not link to, as I do not wish to name and shame), was recently brought to my attention. It stated: “In collaboration with ********* and ******** in Cambodia, we bring you the opportunity to