“Everything we touched, we killed.”

I was recently made aware of the existence of an incredible man, Ernesto Sirolli. How I didn’t know about him before is a mystery, as he holds very similar values to mine. “We western people are imperialist, colonialist missionaries, and there

Surviving the Khmer Rouge – Rik’s Story

On April 17th, 1975, the Khmer Rouge took hold of Cambodia. They wanted to transform Cambodia into a rural, classless society. They were starting at ‘year zero’. Money, free markets, normal schooling, private property, foreign clothing styles, religious practices, and traditional Khmer

After almost four years, it is time.

Human and Hope is a grassroots organisation in Siem Reap. Through education, vocational training and community support, we aim to empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves and break the cycle of poverty.  The time has come. Today I

Leaving HHA

In just four short months, after almost four years working here, I will be leaving Human and Hope Association to be entirely Khmer operated. It has been an incredibly challenging four years. I am not going to sugar coat things;