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Providing education to the children of Cambodia

When we recruited students for a second daily preschool class at Human and Hope Association in October 2013, *Srey (not her real name for child protection purposes, so I am using Srey as it means ‘girl’ in Khmer) was one of three students we recruited. Our Education Coordinator had struggled to find students, so Srey studied in the class with just one other girl for an hour a day. Seeing that these two girls were lonely, as they only had each other to play with, our Education Coordinator  ...

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Child Protection, Developing countries, Development, Education, Empowerment, Human and Hope Association, Poverty

Changing lives through preschool education in Cambodia

Last month, ten students graduated from the preschool class at Human and Hope Association. When I first met these students in October last year, none of them had ever brushed their teeth. Some were quite naughty. Others cried and didn’t want to come to class. Nowadays, however, they come to class early and wait outside the classroom while doing their homework. They not only brush their teeth at school, they also do so at home. They wear shoes to school. They listen to their teacher.  ...

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Charity, Child Protection, Crowdfunding, Developing countries, Development, Education, Empowerment, Human and Hope Association, Poverty, Preschool, Social Enterprise, Sustainability, Water

Elephants for Education

For every elephant you purchase you provide education to a Cambodian child. Help us break the cycle of poverty with knowledge. I am SUPER excited about this new crowdfunding campaign for Human and Hope Association that launched today. In order to fund our education programs for 2017, we are asking you to purchase an elephant for education. These elephants are made by graduated sewing students from Human and Hope Association, who make them for a fair wage at their homes. By purchasing an  ...

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Crowdfunding, Education, Empowerment

Sleepy Snoogus: Empowering Cambodia Mothers

“I didn’t finish school and that is why my life has been hard and that’s why I try my best to make sure my children graduate [from high school]. It’s what every mother wants.” Ser Rony, CK knitter Have you ever heard of Cambodia Knits? They are a pretty big deal. Not only are their handcrafted toys made with 100% natural yarn, they are also super safe for kids to play with, and cuddly, too. In this day and age, when most of the toys we see in shops come off factory production lines, it is  ...

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