The Woman Who Gives Me Hope

SOPHY’S STORY IS ONE that breaks my heart. It is also the one that gives me the most hope. I first met Sophy in early 2015. We had hired a Sustainability Assistant when we moved to our new community centre,

One year ago I was made redundant

It has been exactly one year since I left Human and Hope Association to be entirely Khmer operated.  I will never forget my last day. I was terrified to go to work that day; I knew that the slightest thing would

After almost four years, it is time.

Human and Hope is a grassroots organisation in Siem Reap. Through education, vocational training and community support, we aim to empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves and break the cycle of poverty.  The time has come. Today I

Leaving HHA

In just four short months, after almost four years working here, I will be leaving Human and Hope Association to be entirely Khmer operated. It has been an incredibly challenging four years. I am not going to sugar coat things;

Saying “no” to Voluntourism

There is no denying it; voluntourism is here to stay. However, at Human and Hope Association, we do not permit foreign volunteers. In the past some people have become irritated when I politely declined their offer to volunteer with us.

This brought tears to my eyes

From our Australian board member, Roxane, after conducting a monitoring visit to Human and Hope Association yesterday: “Thank you Sally. It’s hard to imagine what real poverty looks like or means until you sit in a dusty patch of ground

Do you give to children when you travel?

Last week a friend contacted me about her friends photography group who were visiting Siem Reap and had brought pencils and little items to give children they came across whilst they were travelling. My friend immediately suggested that they do not

The big day finally came

After months of fundraising, planning, building and organising, we finally moved into our permanent location for Human and Hope Association. My speech is below. Sai yon suasidy. Ne an kynom chmous Sally, hai kynom chea neayou protebat noe Samakom Monous