Where It All Began

My grandmother, Marjorie, was born in Rangoon, Burma. Before World War II, her family was well-to-do, and they lived a good life. But in 1942, her family escaped to India. Although she never returned to Rangoon, my great Uncle did,

Leaving Cambodia After Five Years

Today, after five years, three months and five days of living in Cambodia, I am leaving. During my time in Siem Reap, I have faced an incredible amount of challenges, and have almost given up numerous times. However, I didn’t.

Compassion, are you there?

As today is a public holiday, Seyla and I decided to get out of the house for a bit. We drove along Road 6 (the busiest road in Siem Reap) with the intention of visiting some pagodas. Along the way

Leaving HHA

In just four short months, after almost four years working here, I will be leaving Human and Hope Association to be entirely Khmer operated. It has been an incredibly challenging four years. I am not going to sugar coat things;

Banks in Cambodia

Oh, bother. It is incredibly difficult to find a bank in Cambodia with good service. Our first bank provided terrible customer service, refused to look into missing funds, and even had a security breach on my account. At least they sent

A Story of Compassion

It’s a shame that I don’t post on my blog frequently, as I miss opportunities to talk about how kind, compassionate and thoughtful my workmates are. So, given I have a free few minutes on my hand, I thought I