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Read This Before Paying to Volunteer Overseas

Recently, Projects Abroad announced that by the end of 2017, they will no longer send volunteers to help directly in orphanages, instead focus on supporting community-based care for children. Although this is great progress for a company that generates great profits through the vulnerable, this isn’t enough. Organisations such as Projects Abroad and IVHQ offer a wide range of experience for voluntourists, such as social work, animal care, building and agriculture, in addition to the  ...

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So you want to volunteer to teach in a developing country

It is great that you have the urge to help, but before you jump online and book your flights, stop and ask yourself the following questions. Am I qualified? Firstly, are you a qualified teacher? Many people who visit Cambodia to ‘teach’ are unqualified teenagers or young adults who are still learning themselves. Would you want your child to learn from someone who wasn’t qualified to teach; who didn’t possess the necessary skills to control a class; who may be so  ...

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After almost four years, it is time.

Human and Hope is a grassroots organisation in Siem Reap. Through education, vocational training and community support, we aim to empower Cambodians to create sustainable futures for themselves and break the cycle of poverty.  The time has come. Today I am leaving Human and Hope Association, an organisation I have been developing since October 2012, to be entirely Khmer operated. Many people have asked me about my story and I have always given them a short answer as I find it difficult to  ...

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Ecopads Australia

1 in 5 girls leave school in India, due to menstruation and lack of awareness around it. As those of you who know me are aware, I have no problem talking about my period. It is a natural part of every woman’s life and there shouldn’t be a stigma around it. So today when I came across a fabulous crowdfunding campaign I knew I had to share it! THE PROJECT Ecopads are cloth sanitary pads. Ecopads Australia use a one-for-one model, providing a female in India with an ecopad when you  ...

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