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How to Travel Safely in Cambodia

A friend of mine recently approached me for advice on how to travel safely in Cambodia. Although Cambodia is a relatively safe country, there are health risks, scams and unscrupulous people you should be alert about. These tips will help you enjoy your holiday whilst also ensuring you don’t need to end up at the police station. Don’t use your phone/iPad/electronics in a tuk-tuk – I know multiple people who have had their personal possessions stolen from them whilst riding  ...

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Cambodia, Featured, Tourism

Don’t fall for this Cambodian tourist trap

In 2016 I was in contact with a man from Italy whose Rotaract club had previously donated funds to Human and Hope Association. He was coming to Siem Reap and wanted advice on what to do. I gave him some suggestions, then told him that he shouldn’t visit Chong Khneas in Tonle Sap, a major tourist trap that takes advantage of tourists, exploits children and invades the privacy of villagers who live on the water. When this man visited Human and Hope Association a few weeks later, he told me  ...

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Nga Htat Gyi, the ‘five story pagoda’

Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda features a 20-metre high Buddha statue. It is situated at the Ashay Tanya Monastery, and is nearby the Chauk Htat Gyi Reclining Buddha in Yangon. The walk up to Nga Htat Gyi Pagoda is pleasant. At the bottom entrance you will find two large white and gold mythological lions who guard the temple. Following this, there is a flight of stairs that are on a gradual incline, with benches on both sides. You can take your time to walk up these stairs, and despite the heat of  ...

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Sampeou Mountain in Battambang

If you are visiting Battambang in Cambodia, Sampeou Mountain is definitely worth a trip for the view. Located about 12km from Battambang city, Sampeou Mountain has a dark history. Whilst the Khmer Rouge held power of Cambodia from 1975 – 1979, they used Sampeou Mountain as ‘killing caves’. The soldiers would beat their victims to death and throw their bodies into the caves. Nowadays, there is a memorial with the victims bones, just as you will find in many other parts of  ...

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