This is the sixth birthday I have spent in Cambodia, and it will be my last. In July 2016 I successfully left my role at Human and Hope Association, enabling it to become entirely run by a local team. I will be departing Cambodia the day after my 31st birthday and would love to leave knowing that I have helped Human and Hope Association even further.


You see, Cambodia is hot. Like, really really REALLY hot. Temperatures typically reach 42 degrees celsius in the hottest months of the year in Cambodia, and even throughout the rest of the year it is humid and sticky.

Although we can’t change the weather, we can make the environment at Human and Hope Association more comfortable for our staff and the community. Our staff and students currently work and learn under a hot metal roof with no ceiling. Although there are fans in each room, that does little to relieve them of the heat.


What they need is ceilings. These ceilings are essential for providing a comfortable and safe learning environment for our staff and students. The heat causes fatigue, dehydration and lack of concentration (believe me, I know from personal experience). By installing ceilings, less heat will come through the roof, resulting in a safer learning environment for our students, and a better quality work environment for our team.

If my family and friends help me reach my goal, it will take just 10 days to build the ceilings, ensuring that the community do not have to spend another ‘hot season’ in this unbearable heat. We would use six labourers to complete the job, providing employment to our local community who desperately need it. The breakdown of costs per classroom is as follows:

Room Quantity (m2) Total Cost (AUD)
Classroom One 25 $325
Classroom Two 25 $325
Classroom Three 25 $325
Preschool room 20 $260
Sewing class 25 $325
Library 25 $325
Office 25 $325

As generous as you all are, I understand it is a big ask to raise $2,210. So my initial goal is $1,235, to ensure that we can at least install ceilings in our three classrooms and preschool room.

Please help over 200 Cambodians by donating today!