I get it. Funding a charity is a big effort, and a lot of charities, particularly grassroots NGO’s, don’t have the means to hire a staff member for content creation.

That’s where I come in. Earlier this year I founded a content creation business aimed at charities/NGO’s/social enterprises. I named it Samaky, which means ‘unity’ in Khmer, the language of Cambodia. I lived in Cambodia for over five years, and during that time helped many charities with their social media, website and fundraising needs.

I founded Samaky under the belief that NGO’s and individuals should be working together, and uniting to share their knowledge and experiences. The logo features a unicorn, as charity and NGO workers are often referred to as unicorns. In short, they work magic.

With over nine years’ experience working and volunteering with charities, I realise that there are many charities doing excellent work, however they don’t have the time to get the word out about their successes. Therefore, Samaky provides a range of affordable content creation services targeted at small and grassroots charities so they can focus on their great work without having to worry about promoting what they do!

I am proud to donate 10% from every invoice to Human and Hope Association, a grassroots community centre in Cambodia. I worked with Human and Hope Association from 2012 – 2016 to build up this organisation which is now entirely locally run, with staff focusing on education, vocational training and community support programs to help their community break the cycle of poverty.

To learn more about what services I offer and to view a price list, please visit www.samaky.com.au. You can also find some tips and tricks on there, such as how to create an Instagram following for your charity, which certainly isn’t easy!

I look forward to helping your charity!