1 in 5 girls leave school in India, due to menstruation and lack of awareness around it.

As those of you who know me are aware, I have no problem talking about my period. It is a natural part of every woman’s life and there shouldn’t be a stigma around it. So today when I came across a fabulous crowdfunding campaign I knew I had to share it!


Ecopads are cloth sanitary pads. Ecopads Australia use a one-for-one model, providing a female in India with an ecopad when you purchase one for yourself. This makes it possible to not only tackle environmental issues close to home, but also reach out to help girls have access to sanitation in developing countries.


Disposable pads are the 3rd largest contributor to landfill, so we provide girls and women the opportunity to make an environmentally conscious decision to manage their periods. This small behavioural change can make a large impact on the environment and culture around menstruation. Period shaming is a confronting and pressing issue in developing countries, where women are shunned within the community. This is often a root cause for girls to drop out of school when beginning their cycles. Due to a lack of sanitary management at that time of month, we are providing a means for girls to access cloth pads through our one-for-one model. Not only are you making a beneficial choice for the environment, but also a socially valuable choice for a girl or women to enjoy a better quality of life.


In making this crowdfund possible, Ecopads Australia have partnered up with a social enterprise in India, called Eco Femme, who are helping to kick start the campaign by manufacturing high quality cloth pads. Sharing aligned values and passions for the environment, education and female empowerment, this partnership can only be secured by reaching the target value of $15,000 in 30 days!


Head to their campaign page, donate, share, and spread the word!