Giving Tuesday is upon us once again. It is time to kick off the charitable season, forget about the hundreds of dollars you spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and make a difference in this world!

This Giving Tuesday, Human and Hope Association are fundraising for two important projects at our community centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Although very different, both projects are intertwined. The sewing program is aimed at women (and the occasional man) over the age of 16 who live in poverty as they do not possess the skills to gain stable employment. On the other end of the spectrum, we have our preschool program, aimed at marginalised five-year-olds. Many of the preschool students are the children of our sewing students, strengthening our holistic approach to development.

By making a donation to these programs, you are having a direct impact on moving Cambodians out of poverty.


Provide Sewing Training to a Woman in Cambodia

Our surrounding communities are filled with villagers, particularly women, who do not have the education or skills to earn a stable income. The cycle of poverty then continues, with their children not being afforded the education they deserve. By investing in their future by providing the skill of sewing, these villagers will be able to earn a stable and consistent income and break the poverty cycle.

Our students study for three hours a day, five days a week. They take care of a garden at HHA and receive rice and vegetables as a stipend for studying so we can ensure their families are well-fed. On Friday’s they study life skills and learn about topics such as domestic violence, marriage laws, anger management, job skills and hygiene. As some of our students are illiterate, we provide daily Khmer language classes for them.

Upon graduating, armed with a diverse set of skills, our students seek employment in sewing shops, run sewing businesses from their homes using machines purchased through our microfinance program or are hired by us to make products for a fair wage. We continue to provide workshops and refresher lessons for them once a month for six months after they graduate. They steadily move out of poverty as a result of this program and are more confident and socially aware.

Help us raise $800 to fund a woman in our program by donating to our GlobalGiving campaign!


Provide Preschool Class to 10 Kids in Cambodia

Nearly half the nations’ children drop out of school in grade three. More than 10,000 Cambodian children die each year from diarrhoeal disease as a result of poor hygiene. It is estimated 1/5 children in Cambodia are sexually abused by the time they are 18. Around 20% of Cambodians live below the poverty line. These are statistics that we strive for our preschool students to not fall victim to.

By teaching our students Khmer they will have a head start when they are enrolled at public school, as many of our older students are illiterate due to poor teaching at public school. By involving them in hygiene practices daily we ensure their risk of disease is reduced. By providing them with child protection workshops, we empower them to stand up against abuse. By being positive role models we are showing them that they can do anything they set their minds to and escape the cycle of poverty.

Our students develop a love of learning early on in life due to this program. We enrol them in public school once they reach the age of six, setting them up for a smooth transition into education. Their parents, who are typically uneducated, also learn to understand the value of learning and are more committed to funding their children through their studies and keeping them in school instead of working. These children are given a fresh start at life.

Help us raise $750 to fund the education of 10 preschool students for six months by donating to our GlobalGiving campaign!