An entirely Khmer run organisation, Human and Hope Association aims to alleviate poverty through grassroots, empowering projects focused on education, vocational training and community development in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

Earlier this year, I appealed to my family and friends to donate funds in lieu of birthday presents so we could install ceilings in the classrooms, sewing room, office and library at Human and Hope Association. In just a few short weeks, we not only raised enough funds to install ceilings in every room, we also raised funds to education 10 Cambodian children for a whole YEAR.

You see, Cambodia is hot. Like, really really REALLY hot. Temperatures typically reach 42 degrees celsius in the hottest months of the year in Cambodia, and even throughout the rest of the year it is humid and sticky.Although we can’t change the weather, we can make the environment at Human and Hope Association more comfortable for our staff and the community. With these ceilings, our staff and students care no longer at risk of fatigue, dehydration and lack of concentration. Human and Hope Association is now about to provide a safer learning environment for our students, and a better quality work environment for their team.

This is all thanks to YOU. Sure, one person can make a difference, but collectively, we can change a community. Never underestimate the power of your small change. It can literally change the path of a whole generation of children.

If you wanted to help develop a community in Cambodia, consider donating to Human and Hope Association on a monthly basis. For just $10, which is the cost of one lunch, you can provide English and Khmer education to a Cambodian child. Become a Language Champion today by clicking on this link. Donations in the U.S and Australia are tax deductible.