Can you believe it? Christmas is almost here again. This year, my first Christmas living back in Australia, I am determined to only provide ethically-made Christmas gifts, and not go overboard with the quantity, either. What’s even better is that all of these gifts are available through Hope Handicrafts, so you can stock up at once and save on shipping! During the month of November, you can use the code ‘NOVSALE’ at checkout to receive 20% off your entire basket. Shopping with a purchase and a discount? Yes, please!

FOR YOUR NEICE OR NEPHEW – Kid’s Gift Pack – $12.99

Know a child who simply adores colouring? Then this reasonably priced kid’s pack is the perfect gift! Featuring a crayon carrier with a coconut shell button and 16 non-toxic crayons, along with a colouring book, this kid’s pack is a great road trip accessory. All proceeds support education, vocational training and community support projects to move Cambodians out of poverty, so this kid’s pack is extra special!


FOR THE TEACHER – Elephant for Education – $14.99

This cuddly elephant is the perfect gift for a teacher! Featuring sarong and cotton fabric with synthetic stuffing, Somlei Jr. the Elephant will take pride of place on your teacher’s desk.

Somlei Jr. comes with a tag explaining that by adopting him, you are providing a child protection workshop to Cambodian children. There are nine other elephants available, each with a different name and providing a type of education to kids.


FOR YOUR SECRET SANTA –  Bunting – $19.99

This bunting is made from colourful sarong fabric. Measuring 3m long, our bunting is perfect for hanging over your bed, brightening up an outdoor area, or as a reusable party decoration!




FOR THE GRANDPARENTS – Table Runner – $34.99

An absolutely stunning addition to the grandparent’s dining table, this runner is 150cm long and 35cm wide. It features a mixture of four different fabrics with an edging made from sarong. All proceeds support education, vocational training and community support projects to move Cambodians out of poverty, making this table runner the talking point at dinner!




This gorgeous clutch is made by our seamstress Saney from a combination of sarong and traditional Khmer fabric. It unfolds easily so your partner has quick access to all your favourite things! This clutch is especially perfect for business meetings, as it fits an iPad, phone, notepad, wallet, pens and anything else you may need.



stop-drinking-cokeFOR THE PERSON WHO HAS EVERYTHING – The Gift of Nutrition – $100

What do you get the person who has everything, or is passionate about alleviating social injustices in the world? The gift of nutrition, of course! This gift will provide a Cambodian family with farming training for just $100, giving them access to 32 hours of training, farming resources and six months of follow up support.

You will receive a card in the mail that explains just what your gift achieves, so the recipient will understand what a big difference they are making!


Head to the Hope Handicrafts website to start shopping ethically today. Have a very merry and ethical Christmas!