My Grandmother is at deaths door, and I am struggling being away from my family. She has lived almost 84 years, escaped Burma during WWII, married and had children in India, overcome several miscarriages, immigrated with my family to Australia, divorced my Grandfather, lived alone for many years and is currently battling Dementia. I have come to terms with the fact that it is her time, and she will go peacefully, it is just hard being away from my close-knit family and not being able to support them during tough times.

Today I excused myself from work at Anjali and volunteering at SCC, and checked myself into a hotel so I can have time to myself in the comfort of a double bed, air conditioning, hot water, a TV and no mosquito net. Currently sitting in bed, watching a movie, I just received an email which made me cry.

Hi Sally,

I’m so sad to hear from your family. I hope you are fine. Don’t be alone you have family here at Anjali also.

Take care,
Love from Anjali kids

As I was writing this post, reflecting on what is my second family, I received an email from another colleague which made me cry even more.

Dearest Sally,

I am writing this note on behalf of Anjali’s staff to express our sorry for your loss! We are so sorry and shocked to hear that your lovely grandma is not well.

Sally, please remember that you are not a lone at all you have us as your Cambodian’s friends to be always with you sharing happiness and sadness together wherever and whenever. The only thing I would like to let you know is you hold a special place in our heart especially Anjali’s kids. We always love  and admire you as you are dedicated for Cambodian and our society without caring
much about your personal so we would like to appreciate for all your effort and hard working to assist in developing our community that make me cry seeing how special you are to be thoughtful and sensitive. It is hard to find somebody who is like you and you are a rare person to see if I compare to other hundreds of people.

Now, we feel lonely without you so we miss you so much. You always bring us fun and smile in to our life and you try very hard to do whatever you are able to make us happy and be survive. I do not know how to express how grateful we are to your generosity!

Nothing can compare to your generosity. I am cry writing this not to share your grief away and turn back with happiness. I believe God will bless your grandma and your family especially you. We need to hope even it is a bit to hope we cannot give up.

I am so sad to hear that you may loss your lovely grandma. Anyway, I would like to turn your  family grief to be luck and blessing!

Please let us know if we could help you with anything and we are pleased to support and listen to everything you would like to tell us.

Best love and luck, xxxxxxxxx

Big hug from Anjali’s team

I am so fortunate to have so many people who love and support me, and who I can turn to no matter what our religions and beliefs. I don’t know what I have done to deserve this, but I am one fortunate girl indeed.

Be in peace, Granny. xxx

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  1. Eva Morabito

    June 27 at 11:21 am

    all my love to you sweetness, from over here.
    your granny, your family, and always you, are in my prayers and thoughts. always xx

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