This week is Fashion Revolution week, remembering the 1,134 people who were killed and more than 2,500 injured when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Bangladesh. The reason that this building collapsed was a poor foundation, conversion from commercial use to industrial use, four additional floors being built and sub-standard material being used. The day before the building collapsed, cracks began to show. Yet the next day the garment workers were told to work in these clearly unsafe conditions. Then disaster struck.


We have been participating in Fashion Revolution Week at Human and Hope Association, as we believe in the rights of workers. Everybody deserves safe and fair working conditions, and unfortunately there are many factories in Cambodia that don’t offer that. The campaign allows us to make people question, “Who made my clothes?”, and showcase the companies and factories that care about their workers, such as Tonle’, Dorsu, A.N.D, HOLI and Cambodia Knits.


I urge everyone to buy their clothes and other items from companies that treat their employees with respect. We are all human beings, and no person should be treated unfairly or work in poor conditions. There are around 40 million garment workers in the world today, and each and every person is worthy of our support.


To support Human and Hope Association to provide fair wages and working conditions to our seamstresses, please head to our Etsy store, Hope Handicrafts, to purchase our handicrafts. All profits are used to fund our education, vocational training and community support programs, empowering Cambodians out of poverty.

Who made YOUR clothes?