Free ways to stay sane during lockdown

As an introvert (don’t scoff, it’s true) that normally works from home, I know the challenges that people must be facing right now with lockdown. So I have put together a list of free ways that you can stay safe during lockdown! Keep in mind that as a childless woman, these suggestions are made on the assumption that you don’t have kids to entertain 24/7. Don’t hate me because I can nap whenever I want.

Read to your hearts content with Scribd – Read magazines, books and documents, or listen to audiobooks for free for 30 days thanks to Scribd. I was really impressed with the range of books on here – most aren’t available on my library app, so I was able to supplement that reading for the past month.

Go for a walk outside – I am currently taking part in Human and Hope’s annual Walk to Cambodia, so I have created a habit of walking in the mornings. The earlier you get outside, the better. That way you will avoid people (otherwise you have to do the awkward ‘I’ll walk on the road so we can be 1.5 metres apart’ shuffle), and you can make sure you get your steps in before you dive into work.

Download free audio books from Apple iBooks – I will admit, I have never been a fan of audio books or podcasts. I much prefer to read on paper. But Apple iBooks recently released some free audio books, and I have been enjoying listening to Karen Gillan (you know, the awesome ass-kicker from Jumanji) reading The Secret Garden. Next I will move onto Kate Beckinsale’s narration of Pride and Prejudice.

Watch tv shows and movies through the tv station apps – Yes, you do have to deal with repetitive commercials, but if you can look past that (or use the opportunity to do some squats), there are so many amazing TV shows and movies available through the ABC, SBS, Nine, Seven and TenPlay apps.

Workout indoors by making your own weights – A few years ago, I ran a couple of sessions for the team at Human and Hope Association on how to stay fit. We made our own weights using plastic bottles and dirt, then followed YouTube videos. It’s easy to do, and perfect if you need to involve the outdoors entirely.

So what do you think about these ideas? Do you have anymore to add to the list?