I used to frequently ride to Phnom Kroam, a mountain around 10km from my house in Siem Reap. It was always a bit tiring, but I could get there in one go without stopping. I haven’t made that journey in two and a half years, so it really shouldn’t have been a shock to me on the weekend when Seyla and I had to take breaks twice on the way. We first stopped on a path just off the main road and were invited into the home of a lovely family who could tell I needed a proper seat. We then stopped at a dingy, broken bamboo shack and refuelled with snacks I had cooked. Then finally, we reached our destination.

The thing about Phnom Kroam is that you can’t actually get to the top of the mountain without an Angkor pass. Given we are on a strict budget we gave that a miss and just stayed at the bottom, drank coconuts, then made our way slowly back home. Gosh, the journey home was long. We stopped three times for a rest and I have to say, my bottom is still hurting today.

Our next bike ride will be to West Baray, a lake around 10km from our house. We planned for it to be this weekend, but maybe I will still be in recovery mode then.


Seyla picked us up some coconuts along the way and put them straight into our water bottles.


Our second stop along the way.




A view of the lotus farm.


The steps leading up to the top of Phnom Kroam.


One of our stops on the way home.


Gorgeous scenery.


Snacking on watermelon.


Sugarcane juice. Refreshing!