Am I assuming I am not alone in saying I LOVE soft drinks?

They are a big weakness of mine, and despite trying to give up soft drinks numerous times, I have always succumbed to the sugary, caffeinated taste. This time though, I need to try and kick the habit for good. And what better way to do that then to have the support of my family and friends?

So, I am giving up soft drinks for 40 days. Apparently it takes 40 days to form a good habit, so that is what I am doing! To encourage me to stick to this goal, I am asking my family and friends to donate money to Human and Hope Association as a sign of support.


I am aiming to raise $180, which will provide preschool education to a marginalised five-year-old in Cambodia for a whole year. 

The preschool program at HHA is incredibly important, as these students come from challenging backgrounds. They are living in poverty, and have to face the challenges that are often associated with poverty; domestic violence, illnesses, malnutrition, lack of hygiene, and more. By educating them for two hours a day, these preschool students develop good habits. They mature under the guidance of a responsible role model. They learn how to be respectful of others and interact appropriately with others. And more importantly, they understand and appreciate the importance of education.

By helping me to raise $180, we can provide a marginalised child with the opportunity to begin their journey to reaching their full potential. That includes two hours of classes a day, clean drinking water, hygiene materials, study materials, and a school starter pack when they graduate.

Can you help me in my goal of giving up soft drinks and help a Cambodian child receive education at the same time? Donate here.