How to Help

There are many ways you can help Human and Hope Association (HHA), the organisation I have built from the ground up with a team of locals in Siem Reap.



Monthly champions are a special part of the HHA team. Your ongoing support allows our team to keep doing their great work in the community, helping people to achieve their goals and defeat the poverty cycle.

For just $10 a month you can become a Language Champion and provide English education to a Cambodian child. Not only will this enable them to study English four days a week, it will also allow them to partake in weekly living values classes, addressing social issues in Cambodia!

To learn more about becoming a champion, head to the Human and Hope Association website.



We have an online store that offers international shipping. All the products are made in Cambodia by HHA’s graduated sewing students. These students borrow a sewing machine through our microfinance program and are able to make our products at their home for a fair wage, whilst being able to fulfil their responsibilities to their families. They receive ongoing training and support, as well as a six-monthly salary increase.

All proceeds from these sales provide education to children at Human and Hope Association.


Do and Donate is a fun way you can raise funds and awareness for Human and Hope Association in Siem Reap, Cambodia. All you have to do is select an item from our wish list, set a goal, sign up and start fundraising!

“Our staff are really committed to empowering our community members and earning our own income as we can to show a good role model to our villagers but we also really need your financial support to continue!” – Sen Thai, Director