May 16

Today was my first day of Live Below the Line. I decided to sleep in and skip the walk to work, so wasn’t incredibly hungry when I ate my bland omelette when I go to the office.

Around 10am my hunger pains started to kick in, and I became sleepy. Without my usual morning Pepsi Max to wake me up, I was left with only water to give me energy.

Lunchtime brought about my brown rice with frozen veggies, and it took me half an hour to eat it due to the plain boringness. By 2pm I was feeling tired and moody and lacked concentration. I decided to skip the walk home as I didn’t think I could possibly make it the whole way, and went about using the last of my energy cleaning the apartment and making tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s food.

Wow. I can’t believe that it is day one and I am already feeling this way. Tomorrow, one of the guys from work who is also on LBL is bringing in soup and I am giving him noodles. I feel quite sorry for him, as the noodles didn’t turn out anything like I was expecting them to. Hopefully the soup is good.

It is only 8pm and I am ready for bed. I need to conserve all my energy for tomorrow. I mentor a kid before work and am rock climbing in the evening, so fingers crossed I stay awake at work!

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