Human and Hope Association

Hygiene Workshops to Combat Disease in Rural Cambodia

I am concerned about the ramifications that the COVID-19 will have on low-income communities. The sad reality is, many community members struggle to put food on their table each day – and when it comes to choosing between purchasing soap or food, of course food will come first.

Due to hygiene issues, it is a given that COVID-19 will spread in Cambodia. The government are doing what they can, but we can help protect people at a grassroots level. That’s why as soon as Human and Hope Association is directed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to open again, they will be running COVID-19 workshops that will provide official information from the World Health Organisation.

By presenting this information in an informative and engaging way, their community will be empowered to remain calm but informed during pandemics. Each participant will receive a 500ml bottle of liquid soap, which is a luxury but necessity for families living in poverty to prevent disease.

These COVID-19 workshops will provide the following information:

  • Protecting yourself
  • Shopping and working in wet markets
  • Practising food safety and;
  • Mythbusters

In the long-term, this project will instill lasting knowledge about virus prevention into the community, so they are well-equipped to live long and healthy lives.

We have 14 days to raise $1,500 so these workshops can go ahead. Are you able to make a tax-deductible donation of $25 so a family of five can participate in the workshop?