I started day two off with some delicious scrambled eggs and rice. I needed the extra energy as I mentor a kid at Bourke St Primary on Tuesdays. I caught a cab there instead of walking, and ended up having to mentor not only one, but two little girls. Needless to say, they were VERY energetic, and both competing for my attention, so I used up 90% of my breakfast energy on them.

After mentoring I walked to Central station and arrived at work soon after – quite the hungry one. After eating a few handfuls of rice, I tried to amp up my energy but failed miserably. I then proceeded to walk around the office asking fir sponsorship money, however I couldn’t get many more words out than “I’m living off two dollars a day to help poverty and stuff”. As a result, I only collected $55 which is much less than usual.

Lunch was quite filling and made me jump off the walls for half an hour afterwards – it was lunch that a fellow workmate who is living below the line brought in and swapped with me. By 1:30 however, the high had worn off, and I was struggling again.

5pm couldn’t have come soon enough, and I caught the bus home and made my breakfast and lunch for the next day – rice with eggs and vegies. It’s starting to get repetitive. I then made my way to rock climbing, where I waited for my friends to arrive and contemplated leaving because I didn’t have any energy. The adrenalin kicked in once I started though, and I found a new partner who encouraged me to reach the top – and I DID!!! It was a great night and I didn’t want to come home, but I had to. Now the adrenalin has worn off and I am struggling to write this entry.

This experience has been so eye opening. I can’t imagine how 1.4 billion people survive off one meal or less per day and still partake in hard labour and raise families. It’s just incredible. 3 days to go……