Join me as we travel to Cambodia in October 2020

For those of you who follow my blog, you would know that I believe that participating in voluntourism is not the best way to help low-income communities. We need to be changing the way that we think of these communities; they deserve better.

Having lived in Cambodia for over five years, and have spent the last nine years dedicated to helping the country and their people, I know that Cambodians are resourceful, resilient and inspirational. And the best way to help Cambodians who are looking for education and training opportunities is to support organisations that are run and led by local people. They are the subject matter experts, they know the community and culture well, and they are there for the long-term.

That’s why at Human and Hope Australia we founded our Purpose + Philanthropy Field Trips to Cambodia.

“I was born in Cambodia and came to Australia when I was very little, so Cambodia has a very deep meaning to me. I’ve been to Cambodia multiple times in the past but this ‘Purpose and Philanthropy Field Trip’ is my favourite. This trip has taught me how to be an ethical traveller and that where I spend my money can have a big ripple effect back to the locals and community where it’s needed most. Sally is an amazing guide and host, she is super organised, helpful and very funny. I’ve learnt so much about Human and Hope Association and Cambodia through Sally and I’m so grateful for this experience. I highly recommend this trip to all who love travelling and wants to experience the amazing food and culture of Cambodia.” Mikki Diep, September 2019

These trips give travellers the opportunity to help in an ethical, non-invasive way. Instead of participating in voluntourism activities and sending the wrong message (that communities can’t develop without hands-on help for foreigners), we spend a week immersing ourselves in the culture, supporting social enterprises, and meeting the local team at Human and Hope Cambodia to learn about why they have been successful in running their own organisation and alleviating poverty in their community.

On this trip, we will explore Siem Reap, Angkor Archaeological Park, the Temples of Angkor Wat and even attend a Cambodian cooking class. There will be excursions to local markets, a local weaving workshop and opportunities to purchase hand-woven textiles & baskets, jewellery and hand-made works. You will leave feeling fulfilled, knowing that you have had a positive impact on the local economy and communities, in an empowering way.

I would love for you to join me as I host the October 2020 trip to Siem Reap. Click below to learn more!