This artificial lake in Yangon, Myanmar, was constructed during colonial times to provide a clean water supply to the city. Water from the other major lake in Yangon, Inya Lake, is channelled through a series of pipes to Kandawgyi Lake.

When we visited Kandawgyi Lake, the security guard at our hotel had no idea where it was, nor did the taxi driver he spoke to. We ended up being dropped off at a hotel nearby, and had to walk a fair while to find the entrance to the lake. Fortunately, this allowed for some excellent photos!

Once we found the entrance (one of many, it turns out, as the lake itself is 150 acres), we made our way onto the rickety platform that winds around the lake. This was a great place to take photos of Karaweik Palace, a buffet restaurant that provides a cultural show.

We then came across a small pagoda shrine, which featured several Buddhist statues and monuments. There were signs stating not to give money to anybody, as this pagoda didn’t accept donations. It was well maintained and I would definitely recommend visiting.

Under the blazing morning sun, we continued to walk around the lake until we found an entrance to Kandawgyi Nature Park. We paid 300kyat each for the admission fee, and an extra 500 kyat to take photographs. That cost was worth it, as the park had a spectacular view of Shwedagon Pagoda.

A few days later we had the opportunity to visit Kandawgyi Nature Park again. We entered through a different section and had lunch at a sit-down restaurant, where we were able to watch hundreds of locals walking along the platform. Afterwards, we visited  Yangon Zoological Gardens. It was a public holiday, so the zoo was overflowing with locals wanting to see the creatures. We left after 15 minutes, as it was very apparent that the animals were not in an adequate environment.

I would highly recommend a visit to Kandawgyi Lake. Be sure to wear strong shoes, sunscreen and a hat!

Opening Hours Daily from 4am to 10pm
Entry Fee 300kyat to enter Kandawgyi Nature Park
Kan Yeik Tha Rd, Yangon