Lunchtime Blues

May 18

As I write this entry, I am sitting at my desk at work eating the same thing I had for breakfast – rice with egg and frozen veggies. My workmate that is also living below the line forgot his food today and I gave him some of mine, leaving me with around half of my lunch. I have lost all concentration, and my eyelids keep moving closer together as I struggle to stay awake. After last nights adrenalin high from rock climbing, I was hoping I would have the energy to walk into work today. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

Exhausted, hungry, moody and restless, I had a chat with my mate this morning and decided to finally bite the bullet and resign from Make-A-Wish. This challenge has really put everything into perspective – I really AM overcommitted. I LOVE doing what I do, but I leave for Cambodia in 17 weeks, and in that time need to complete my Cert IV in Training and Assessment, undertake the role of Event Manager for Forget-Me-Not Cocktail, take the necessary steps to ensure the survival and thrival of Eastern Suburbs Rotaract, somehow raise funds for my year away, and sort out all the logistics of moving. Really, something has gotta give. Surviving on only half the food I normally do has made me realise how critical eating healthy is to keeping active and awake. Perhaps THAT is why I tend to turn to food a lot – I am so exhausted in my everyday life, that I need that extra fuel, but a lot of the time, it is unhealthy crap which still doesn’t end up keeping me going once I come down from the sugar high. So it is time to slow down (just a tad) by disposing of one commitment. I don’t think I would have realised without undertaking this challenge. So this is another life lesson learnt, thanks to Live Below the Line.

I am now finishing off my lunch, and although I feel a tad more energetic, I am wondering how I will survive the afternoon. Something I do with each meal is to make sure that I have finished every last grain of rice, as this food is precious. I won’t be eating again for another 6 hours, and given that I am running out of food, it won’t be a big one. It makes me stop and think about those people in countries such as Cambodia and Keyna who have a meal and never know when their next one will be, if they even survive to live another day.

“Poverty is the worst form of violence” – Ghandi

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