If you embark on a walking tour of Yangon, Maha Bandula park is a must-visit.

Built in the 1800’s, it was originally named Fitch Square, after an English trader, Ralph Fitch. In 1938 was renamed as a tribute to the General Maha Bandula who fought against the British in the first Anglo-Burmese War from 1824 – 1826. The white marble statue of Queen Victoria that took pride of place in the centre of the park was removed and sent back to England.

Maha Bandula Park now features a 48 metre Independence Monument, which was erected to commemorate Burmese independence from the British in 1948. Surrounding the monument is smaller columns and bronze lions.

In this public park, you will be blown away by the green grass, trees and flowers. There is an exercise area where many locals work up a sweat while looking out at the luscious landscape. Depending on the time of day you visit, you will also see Burmese people eating their lunch there, children playing or families enjoying a picnic. The remodelling in 2012 has made this a very popular attraction for both locals and foreigners visiting Myanmar.

There are some rules so that the park can continued to be enjoyed by all. They are:

  1. Throw all litter into the bins
  2. Chewing betel and spitting it out is prohibited
  3. Bringing and eating food outside, drinking alcohol and beverages [I don’t really understand what this is implying]
  4. Pets are not allowed
  5. Action will be taken against picking flowers and damaging plants
  6. Standing on the ledge of the pond and entering the water is not allowed
  7. Flying kites, playing badminton, skating, cycling, playing football etc. are prohibited [we saw people playing badminton right next to this sign]

The park is surrounded by gorgeous architecture. You will be able to capture a lovely photo of Sule Pagoda, Yangon City Hall and the High Court. On a road adjacent to the park you can take a stroll and look at the local market stalls, mostly selling delicious, local Burmese street food. There is also a well-stocked convenience stall next to the Immanuel Baptist Church.

My advice is to wear sunscreen, take a hat and carry plenty of water when you visit this stunning park, as the heat can become unbearable, dependent on the time of year!

Opening Hours Daily from 5:30am – 6pm
Entry Fee Free

Maha Bandula Park St, Yangon