I am so passionate about the sewing program at Human and Hope Association. It really is a great way for villagers to be equipped with the skills, confidence and knowledge to move out of poverty. Of course, it does all depend on their motivation and their willingness to seek employment in town. This is the story of Chanty, a current sewing student at Human and Hope Association who I have a feeling will really make the best out of the program and move out of poverty as a result. 


Chanty is the oldest of seven children. At age 19, studying in grade 11, she had to stop studying as her parents could no longer afford the fees. She was very unhappy as she enjoyed studying in school. Chanty helped her parents with farming, growing rice and vegetables and housework.

When Chanty learnt about our sewing program from her uncle, she was immediately interested as she knew this skill could help her earn money to help her family. She approached the team at Human and Hope Association, and meeting our criteria, Chanty was accepted to study sewing with us.

Chanty has been studying in the beginner sewing program since June 2016. She is happy to come and learn every day, and particularly likes our life skills lessons on Fridays, as she has learned good knowledge from them.

“Before I never thought about my goal in life and I just so worry about my future, but after I attended life skill, I understand it is so important. After I graduate sewing, I will go to work outside as a seamstress and then I will save money to set up a sewing shop”.

It costs $90AUD a month to support Chanty through the sewing program at Human and Hope Association, providing her with tuition five days a week, sewing materials, life skills lessons, a stipend of rice and vegetables and ongoing support. Become a Sewing Champion and change the life of a Cambodian woman today.