Human and Hope Association

Moving whole families out of poverty

This is the son of Human and Hope Association’s sewing teacher (and former sewing student), Chomrong. I have known him for three years. He was always a very shy child who would detach himself from group situations, and would constantly cry when he saw me (though to be fair, a lot of kids cry when they see me). 

On the weekend, he graduated with Human and Hope Association’s 2018 preschool cohort. Just look at his confidence and pride now!

This boy is now attending public school and will transition to Khmer language classes at Human and Hope Association, then move onto English classes. His older brother is a preschool graduate and both his brother and sister study in Human and Hope Association’s English language program. 

This year, his parents built a new house, thanks largely to the income Chomrong makes as our sewing teacher and seamstress. They have officially moved out of the poverty bracket, not an easy feat!

Human and Hope Association believes in a sustainable approach to development that involves whole families, so they can be empowered with education and skills, moving out of poverty together.

It costs $180AUD to sponsor a child in the preschool program for a year, where they learn to read and write in their native language,  engage in daily hygiene habits, find their creativity through art and attend the library. 

Help us fund the 2019 cohort of Human and Hope Association’s preschool students by making a tax-deductible donation.