Yesterday I went for a walk up to Vaucluse in the morning, and had my $10 with me to purchase my Live Below the Line food on the way home. I lost that $10 somewhere between Rose Bay shops and Point Piper. Even after backtracking, I couldn’t find it.

My friends raised a good point – if I was in a developing country, living in poverty, and lost my food money, that would be it. I would have to starve. Fortunately, this is the ‘lucky country’, and although I am quite broke due to saving to move to Cambodia, I was able to source another $10 to have a second attempt at buying food.

I started at Woolworths at Bondi Junction. Hopeful that I could get carrots, frozen vegies, brown rice, pasta, tofu, eggs and lentils for $10, I was terribly mistaken. I walked out of the store with just a 12 pack of caged eggs (yes, caged eggs) at a cost of $2.70.

Today, after completing the Memory Walk for Alzheimer’s Australia, tired and hungry, I visited Franklins at Eastgardens. It was there that I purchased a 1kg bag of frozen vegies, a 1kg bag of brown rice, and 2 packs of noodles. The total cost was $7.30, meaning I had reached my budget. That’s right, I am living of 4 staples for the rest of the week.

Breakfast is going to be a 2 egg and frozen vegies omelette. Lunch will be brown rice and vegies. Dinner with be noodles and vegies. Considering I rarely cook vegies, this is going to be a challenge! The even bigger challenge will be learning how to actually cook for the week. My brown rice doesn’t look as though it should, my omelette is burnt, and I am not even going to attempt the noodles tonight. That’s right, it is going to be a challenge, but I will be a better person for it.

Bring it on!