Preschool graduations always make me so happy. Last week we held our third graduation since starting the program, and seven children graduated. We invited their parents, however a couple of students didn’t have family members show up, as unfortunately not everyone understands and appreciates the value of education, no matter how hard we try to convince them.

It was still a happy occasion, as the students were able to showcase what they had learnt, our graduated sewing student Chomrong spoke about how HHA has changed her family members lives through the sewing program, preschool, English and Khmer classes, and of course, we were able to present the students with school uniform packs.

This year we have not had to go into the community to recruit poor level one, two and three students for the new preschool program as parents have been coming to us. That is a step in the right direction, and hopefully the first step in a long journey of education for the most marginalised kids in our community.

It costs just $100 to fund a child in our preschool program for a full year. If you wanted to sponsor a child, please donate here: (America) (Australia) (International)

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