Did you know that between 1975 and 1979 around 2,000,000 people in Cambodia (a quarter of the population) perished during the Khmer Rouge regime through execution, torture, starvation, overwork and illnesses?

80% of the countries teachers and 95% of their doctors perished, with the educated targeted.

After the regime finished hundreds of thousands of survivors died while the country tried to rebuild itself.

Due to this, an estimated 50 per cent of all Cambodians who lived through the Khmer Rouge have post traumatic stress syndrome, which is being passed on from generation to generation with:

– 1 in 4 Cambodian men having admitted to raping a woman.

– About 82% of Cambodian women believing that if they do not PHYSICALLY fight back, it is not rape.

– Almost one child in ten dying before reaching the age of five due to illness or malnutrition.

– Six people dying each day in road accidents.

– The average wage being about $2 a day, and people earning $4 a day are considered to be ‘middle class’.

– 22% of women having been the victim of domestic violence

– An estimated 60% of women are unable to read or write, and nearly half the nations children drop out of school in grade three.

Yesterday we at Human and Hope Association launched an extremely important crowdfunding campaign to provide the skill of sewing to villagers. This year-long sewing program provides our community with not only a complete set of sewing skills but also life skills classes, chemical-free farming training, Khmer language classes and ongoing support. Their transformation is astounding, and we can only achieve this with YOUR support.

$25 life skills

$25 – Provide students with life skills classes for a month

Get a thank you card emailed to you direct from the team in Cambodia

$50 stipend

$50 – Provide a student with a stipend for one term

Receive a thank you card and video direct from the team in Cambodia

$100 sewing start up kits

$100 – Provide sewing start up kits to two classes

Receive the above perks plus a special key ring made by our team in Cambodia.

$250 microfinance loan

$250 – Provide a microfinance loan

You will receive the above perks along with a 2016 HHA calendar!

$500 sewing supplies for a term

$500 – Fund our sewing supplies for one term

A thank you card, video, key ring, 2016 calendar AND a bracelet made from traditional Cambodian fabric will be making its way to you.

$1,000 sponsor a student for a year

$1,000 – Sponsor a student

We will send you a travel pack made by our team in Cambodia. Not only this, you will also receive a personal thank you video from our staff and students in Cambodia, so you can see the people whose lives you have impacted.

$2,000 sponsor a teacher

$2,000 – Sponsor a teacher

You will receive a thank you card, key ring, 2016 calendar, bracelet made from traditional Khmer fabric, travel pack, personal video AND bunting to brighten up any area in your house.

$6,000 sponsor a class

$6,000 – Sponsor a class

In addition to the above perks you will also receive a surprise pack of lovely handicrafts made by the people whose lives you have impacted.

Please donate here and please share this with your friends so we can give our villagers sew many opportunities!