Today was Day 4 of LBL. When I woke up I felt tired, dizzy, nauseous and hungry. I almost didn’t go into work, but knew that I was swapping lunches with another LBL’er, so had to go in as he was expecting a change from his usual soup.

At work, once again, I lacked concentration, but also had new LBL symptoms – I could barely move my chair from under my desk, I didn’t have the energy to talk to people, and I had a terrible stomach ache. By 11am, I knew I wouldn’t be any more productive, so went home and ended up sleeping for 3 hours. Last night I dreamt about bananas, the night before I dreamt about sushi, and during my nap today I dreamt about pizza. Food food food food FOOD! I am not even hungry anymore….I didn’t finish my breakfast, I skipped lunch, and had a watered down soup for dinner, yet I am full. It is official – my stomach has shrunk. I have lost 2.5kg after only 3 days. It’s surreal.

To make this challenge even more realistic, when I came home today I discovered that my water had been turned off for some reason. That meant no drinking water for a few hours, which really, is a tiny sample of what hundreds of millions of people deal with every day. Another eye opener.

Ah, I am too tired to right any more. It’s off to bed for me. Good news, though. LBL has raised $1,000,000 as of 4:23 this afternoon! That makes it all worthwhile!