Speaking Engagements

Sally presents to service clubs, schools and universities. She is passionate about sharing her sustainable development experience and encouraging people to be responsible global citizens. If you have an audience where Sally can share her message, please contact her.

How to build a charity from scratch

From the dream to the reality. Sally will not hold back in explaining the challenges she came across when building up Human and Hope Association, and will give you plenty to think about before embarking on a project of your own.

The effects of voluntourism and how we can rethink international service

Spoken first hand from someone who has partaken in voluntourism and seen the error of her ways. This presentation discusses the negative impact that voluntourism can have on locals, and also provides advice on what to look for when volunteering overseas. By rethinking the way we participate in international service projects, we can have a lasting and positive impact.

“International Service has changed since Rotary was founded. Sally and Selya bring international service into the modern age through empowerment. Bring them to your meeting and learn how empowering locals abroad goes further than voluntourism. The Human and Hope Association is a beautiful diamond among millions of NGOS.”Kim Ruth, Sydney City Rotaract

How Human and Hope Association is empowering a community out of poverty in Cambodia

Learn about how a grassroots organisation in Siem Reap, Cambodia, is taking a practical approach to empowering locals to create sustainable futures for themselves. You will hear about the personal journeys of Sally and Human and Hope Association’s former Vocational Training Manager, Seyla, in this inspiring presentation.

The impact of a sewing program on marginalised women in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sangorb was just eight years old when she was forced to stop studying at public school so she could take care of her family’s cows. Working one job after another, she struggled to survive day to day as she didn’t have a skill. One day, the team at Human and Hope Association came across Sangorb and invited her to study in their sewing program. Although it was a struggle, Sangorb now has a successful business at her home and is almost out of the poverty bracket. Learn about the impact this program has on marginalised Cambodian women and be inspired by their drive to create change in their lives.

“Sally tells the story of how development goals can be met by empowering local people through training and then stepping back to allow them to lead. She is passionate about combatting short term voluntourism and instead focusing on long term skill transfer. Her five years in Cambodia hold important lessons for anyone interested in international development.” – Kate McKenzie, Rotary e-Club of Western Australia

An overview of Cambodia’s history and why NGO’s are needed

Cambodia has a complex and turbulent history. When you know more about their volatile past and current climate, you will understand about why NGO’s such as Human and Hope Association are required in this developing country.

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