After leaving Boeng Mealea, we drove for about 1 hour 45 mins to get to Koh Ker. Chhalin had organised games to play in the car, so it was a rather loud drive with little opportunity for sleep. None of our team, myself included, have ever been to Koh Ker, so we weren’t sure what to expect. At $10 for foreigners, it was an expensive visit for me, one I am not sure is worth it.

When you first get to Koh Ker (pronounced ko-kei), you walk through a few ruined temples which reminded me a bit of Ta Prom (aka the ‘Tomb Raider temple’), then suddenly you walk outside the complex to see a massive, pyramid like temple. There are very secure wooden steps on the side of the temple which we walked up to get to the top and witness a beautiful view. Three of our team stayed at the bottom, but the rest of us climbed up and took many photos.

We didn’t stay too long there, and soon headed back down the temple back to our van to make our long journey to Preah Vihear.

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